Giddy-up! There’s no holding back one Naughty Pony…

The Naughty Pony is the edgy and eclectic fashion business of Rachel Dean. Using a diverse range of objects from typewriters to antique fabrics Rachel is making a unique range of clothes, jewellery and home wares that are sure to grab your attention.

Iced Vovo found out a little more about this wild pony:

Q: How long has The Naughty Ponybeen operational?

A: Just over a year.

Q: How did you come up with the name?

A: It’s a long story and convoluted – it involves a sea kayak and a life time of horse experience – and every one likes the idea of a little pony who does what she likes!

Q: Are you self taught, formally trained or a combination of both?

A: A delightful combination of both. I have been sewing since I was a little girl, my summer high school job was as a seamstress and I studied design.  I have been many things: photographer, artist, high school science teacher, senior art teacher, technical advisor for professional photographers – and I have a science degree.

Q: You have clothing, jewellery, bags, cushions and cufflinks in your collection – is there anything else?

A: At the moment, I think that about covers it but I would love to do something with men’s clothing.

Q: What did you start making first and how did the range expand?

A: The Naughty Pony initially was just the typewriter key jewellery and then I remembered my seamstress and design skills.

Q: What do you love to make the most?

A: It changes, initially I couldn’t get enough of the typewriter keys – they tell a story  – some of them are 100 years old! Imagine what they have typed in their life time – incredible. I am however really enjoying working with fabric again – I love using vintage kimono and organic fabrics. The purses that I have been making I love doing – They are a beautiful plain leather on the outside and I line them with a piece of vintage kimono. It’s like a little something special in there just for you when you open them – delicious.

Q: Do you have a design philosophy?

A: I love using vintage and found objects. I enjoy giving extra life to discarded objects and creating something special. It makes me happy that I have created something that people adore out of something that may have been forgotten about. I love luxury fabrics too – I have recently been using ‘designer ends’ making one off pieces from posh fabrics – happy making.

Q: How would you describe your designs?

A: Eclectic, bold, female, graphic.

Q: You source lovely fabrics and ‘materials’ – how important is this to establishing your unique design?

A: Very important. My designs are usually based abound fabrics that I source or an object that I find – my designs start from an artifact and then evolve from there.

Q: Do work on seasonal ranges or are you driven by the materials you find or something else?

A: I’m driven a little by both. I produced a range of winter skirts this year – warm, wooly and stylish. But I’m mainly driven by materials – eventually I would like to have a an Autumn/Winter range and a Spring/Summer range – so many things to do!

Jean – cotton sateen
Cash Me Up Purse
The Lydia Skirt
Typewriter key bracelet
Ministry of Love Dress
Frida necklace

Q: What projects are you working on at the moment?

A: I am currently working on a range of things for the MOMA (MONA Market )markets – held at MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). The Naughty Pony will be there from the end of January, fortnightly, until the end of March. I’m wanting to do something pretty impactful for this – let my freak flag fly – I’m very excited about this!

Q: What are your future plans for the business?

A: I would love for the business to expand but realise that for this to happen I might need to outsource. Currently I am making all the things – I have spoken to a friend about coming on board. We’ll see.

Well I can’t wait to see what Rachel comes up with for the MONA market. If you’d like to find out more, click the link to The Naughty Pony’s on line shop or go to the Fab Finds Page.

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