How I became Vegan in SoHo

These Fluevog’s were made for walking.

If you’re a woman with a penchant for shoes and you’ve ever been to New York then no doubt high on the list of things you MUST do is to shoe shop. Well it was for me in May this year when Mr Iced Vovo, my mum and I were walking our butts off around SoHo in search of something new and exotic to bring back home.

Now, take into account that it was a humid, balmy day and after walking up and down and around the streets of SoHo at least a dozen times we were all just a little tired and emotional, and I was just about to give up hope of finding shoes to excite. That was until we stumbled upon the John Fluevog shoe shop on the corner of Mulberry and Prince Streets. How could I have missed it! We had literally walked past the shop a number of times.

I think what helped was that we had just refreshed ourselves at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop at 30 Prince Street with delicious cupcakes and icey cold drinks. So, with renewed energy and focus, this loop around, we couldn’t help but see the beautifully crafted shoes displayed in the window.

Stepping inside was heaven. So many gorgeously crafted shoes tantalised me but one pair in particular stood out and they were the Prepare Guide Vegan shoes I have featured on my blog site. I call them my Flogs – part Fluevog, part clog.

These denim beauties are fun, funky and oh so comfortable. I’m not a high heel gal, I’ve tried to wear them but I must not have the right centre of gravity or something to pull them off ’cause undoubtedly I always end up toppling over. With these shoes there is none of that worry the heel is practical (3.5″) and because they also have a 1.5″ hidden platform these shoes are a walking breeze!

Being an ex-Girl Guide myself, I had a good laugh when I read the story behind the designing of these shoes- check it out for yourself on the Fluevog website (You’ll find the link on my blog). There is a great story behind each of his shoes.

All I want now is for John Fluevog Shoes to open up a store down-under – more specifically in Hobart!

6 thoughts on “How I became Vegan in SoHo

  1. Fab shoes but the online experience is terrible!!! Better to buy them direct from the shop I think. After taking the bite and deciding to ‘splurge’ out and buy a pair, I ordered online. I received a couple of friendly replies asking if I was sure of my shoe size to which I replied that I was. I sat back to wait for the arrival of my new fun shoes. A month passed, so I contacted them asking what has happened to my order. The reply I got was that the order had been cancelled but they “had no idea why”. No apology. No “we will get right on it and send them to you”. Nothing!!!

  2. Hi Jo
    Wot a clever girl you are then, blogging & all. I can’t even work Facebook out, hence the reason I have deleted my account! Your blogs are good fun reading though, your personality certainly shines thru. Keep on blogging girl. LOL xx

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