Packed up and ready to go.

I love to travel. I think this love of travel stemmed from my parents who were in the Air Force where every 18mths, from the time I was born until I was about 14yrs, we were posted to a new Air force base somewhere in Australia and to Malaysia. We lived in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales and I have travelled to all of Australia’s other States and Territories. Now I live in Tasmania – a place I visited a number of times before deciding to re-locate here in 2004.

Nearly every holiday I can remember as a child consisted of my parents packing up the car with my sister and I in the back, hooking on the trailer and loading on the aluminium boat to head off somewhere camping, exploring, and if my Dad could get his way, fishing. For example in Western Australia we travelled down as far as Albany to the old whaling station, out to Kalgoorlie to the gold mines and up to Exmouth to, you guessed it, fish! This was the same at each place we lived. And, while I have seen a lot, what I love about Australia is that because it is so big there is still so much left for me to discover.

Living in Malaysia gave us the perfect opportunity to explore many parts of that country and neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. And with my sister living in Japan, first in Tokyo and now Sapporo, I have also journeyed there a few times to visit her.

This passion for exploring has continued as an adult and has seen me drive from Adelaide to Darwin, drive all along the Coast of NSW and Victoria, venture around Tasmania many times and fly/drive to Alice Springs and Uluru. But my travels haven’t been confined to Australia. After school and University I worked for a couple of years to save enough money to take a year off and do, like many other Aussies, travel on an around the world ticket. That trip at one stage saw me buying a car in Ireland and driving it, literally to a halt, from Dublin through Europe to Turkey and back. I’ve trained the west coast of the USA and bussed from New York to Nova Scotia and back. I’ve flown to New Orleans and a number of places in between.

I always thought I’d end up working in travel and I did for a short while until a bad customer service experience made me re-evaluate that industry and I moved on.

In 2012 Mr Iced Vovo and I were lucky enough to have some extended leave and we travelled to Japan, Greece and the USA – the first time to Europe and Asia for Mr Vovo. We had a brilliant time and through this blog I hope to share some of the many wonderful experiences I have had as a child and adult exploring parts of this big wide world.