The dark mist blew ferociously in from the northwest beating rhythmically against the glass. Karl sat inside staring out at the inclement weather wondering what he would write next, how he could break his writers block and put words on paper, words that would inspire and delight his readers. But that quickly passed from his mind, at present, what caught his attention was a flash of light in the distance.

Out on the edge of the world, far out on the horizon, was the dim light of a boat. Karl limped over to the telescope whose magnification brought the ship closer to him. While he could not discern all of its finer details, he knew it was a cruiser that was heading his way bringing tourists to shore. Tourists that would buy his home-made books at the local market. People that he would observe from his sea-side abode and who would inspire new stories. However, the sea was wild and choppy and Karl knew that it wouldn’t be until the pink sky had dawned that the ship would enter the rocky gates of the harbour and berth against the pier. Until then Karl shuffled back to his bed by the window and drifted slowly off to slumber.

Unbeknown to Karl at the other end of the beach was Claudia, the girl he would soon fall in love with. It wasn’t going to happen today nor was it going to happen for Claudia at all. Karl’s love would remain unrequited. His obsession with her long auburn locks and ice-green eyes would last a life-time and tear through to his soul while Claudia would never know that Karl existed.

Today, Claudia strolled the length of the beach enjoying the cold, wet, sand sticking between her toes oblivious to Karl’s existence, the same as it would always be. The beach was quiet and deserted just the way she preferred it, for Claudia didn’t like the company of others. Claudia vowed to remain single, to live a life of solitude in her cliff-top cottage with only the sound of the sea breaking on the shore and her pair of love-birds twittering in their cage to comfort her.

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