RACT to Iced Vovo’s rescue!

Yep we might wonder 364 days why we are paying out for something that we might only need one day of the year but my word when that day comes around you will be mighty thankful for it! I know I was when on Wednesday a day out visiting friends turned in to an emergency mechanics visit.

Here’s what happened. I was minding my own business driving along, having just left one girlfriend for coffee to meet another in town for lunch when between Glenorchy and Hobart (about 5ks people) I first started to smell something not quite right, next I wondered why it was getting a little hot in the car – sure it was a beautiful summers day but… After checking that I hadn’t left the heater on I then started to notice steam rising from the vents and then more started to expel from the bonnet – well that’s when I knew the darn radiator had probably carked it!

The frustrating or surprising thing was that I’d only had the car serviced less than a month prior, but hey, you never know when these car kinda things are going to decide to go bung!

Luckily I got the car to Salamanca in one piece, parked it and raced to meet my buddy for lunch. I figured it need cooling time anyway, so after lunch I bought some water (just in case – for the car or for me (I can easily get overheated too!)) and called RACT.

Settling in for the long-haul I was pleasantly surprised when they texted me back within about 15 mins saying they were on route and lo and behold a couple of minutes later they were there. Thanks Tony!!!!

Tony topped the dry radiator up and we worked out a strategy – there was no way it was going to get back to my mechanic some 35 kms away. So under Tony’s guidance he followed me in his van to the Autoserve garage on Harrington Street in Hobart and left me in their great hands.


My Courtesy Car
My Courtesy Car
Well it got even better! The most friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Service Adviser I’ve come across in a loonnngggg time, Rachel, told me it probably wasn’t going to be ready until tomorrow – at this point I was thinking a bus home was probably going to be on the cards but no she said why not take the Courtesy Car – Why not indeed!!!

So a photocopy here, a signing there and a few minutes later I was given the keys to my courtesy car and on my merry way… and while the cost of getting the darn thing fixed wasn’t the kind of pre-Christmas expenditure I needed that’s  also when I realised having having a credit card really comes in to play! There was even a little sweetener to the bill as Autoserve give a 10% discount off labour charges to RACT members!

Anyway, thanks RACT, thanks Autoserve, thanks Rachel! I’m going to happily pay my renewal fee when it next comes up.

(Ps. If you get caught in Hobart far from your local mechanic you can find Autoserve by RACT at 136 Harrington Street, Hobart. Ph 1300 127 684)

2 thoughts on “RACT to Iced Vovo’s rescue!

  1. Glad to know we can be of service and that people do appreciate that i try to make their breakdowns as less stressful as possible!

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