Daylight Saving Ends for another Year

Daylight saving in Tasmania commences at 2am on the first Sunday in October each year and concludes at 2am on the first Sunday in April the following year. This year daylight saving concludes on the 7th April 2013 in Tasmania.

From April 2008, daylight saving has been synchronised across Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and South Australia, however South Australia remains half an hour behind throughout the year due to the observance of Australian Central Standard Time. Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory do not have daylight saving hours.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) started across Australia during World War I in 1917 when the Commonwealth used its wartime powers to require all Australian States and Territories to have DST. It commenced on 1 January until 25 March (late summer) but was discontinued after the war until World War II which saw its return for three consecutive summers.

Tasmania may be the smallest State in Australia, but they have influenced why we have DST in Australia today. The Tasmanian State Government implemented Daylight Savings in the summer of 1967 to help save power, which also saved water. Extreme drought in the State made it imperative that DST be used to help relieve the situation. Tasmanians were so much in favour of DST that they have continued to implement it each summer ever since. This success urged the Tasmanian State Government to lobby to get DST used Australia-wide.

In 1971 legislation was passed by all States, except the Northern Territory and Western Australia, to run a trial period. Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia made it permanent in 1972.

I LOVE daylight saving, especially down here in Tasmania where we really get more noticeable seasons. Having the extra light hours after the darkness of winter really makes you feel better and also allows you to get more done in a day. It is also terrific for long evening barbecues etc.

While most electrical appliances will change the time automatically for you these days how to remember what you should do with your clocks – well Mr Iced Vovo’s solution is the following: “Think of it as you fall back in Winter (borrowing from the American term ‘fall’) and spring forward in Spring!”

Hope this helps! 😉

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