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Mid-Century beauty - the Atomic coffee maker
Mid-Century beauty – the Atomic coffee maker

It’s already on the record how much I love coffee. (See A Coffee a day…)

Well you think that my Mum would know to have a ready supply on hand for when I come to visit but alas what I’m usually confronted with is some terrible tin/jar coffee that leaves me cold and cranky (well you get that way when you have an addiction!).

The worst thing is that she has a number of coffee making facilities on hand. There is a stove top coffee maker that I handed on to her when I updated my own years ago, she has a large percolator type pot that she won in a golf tournament many more years ago than mine and she also has a Bodum for plunger coffee if she couldn’t be bothered with the other “too hard basket” ones.

What adds insult to injury is that she rarely has ordinary milk at the ready either! She gave up regular milk years ago and now only buys some kinda soya concoction. Hey, call me old fashioned but when it comes to my coffee I’m like the coffee nazis that barista in a certain Leichhardt establishment, if you want soya go elsewhere!

I don’t mind having my coffee black as long as it is real coffee. In fact I like nothing better than a short black or a macchiato late at night when I’m out after dinner. But, instant coffee without milk is even worse than just instant coffee – geeze louise – you need some kind of additive to help get the damn stuff down!

Now when I go to Mums I try to ensure I’m suitably caffeined prior or that she has some supplies at hand or I bring my own!

What makes me laugh is that when I do make a brew she always comments on how good it tastes and how easy it looked to make. I’ve shown her a million times how to use each of the coffee makers but I think her so-called lack of knowledge or understanding might just be a ploy to get me to do it for her!

While I love Mum to bits I don’t love her coffee!

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