Bye Bye Rosie!

There is something cleansing and cathartic about moving house! However, there was a strange mix of excitement, anticipation as well as sadness that I had whilst I went about my beloved Rose Cottage from room to room packing away our things.

Mr Iced Vovo made a number of trips to the tip with items that had been hoarded away in the garage or house or that had just been held on to for no particular reason, or because we thought they might have got some use some day but that day never arrived!

We made a pact that we would only take items that are still functional, unbroken, that we will use, and that we cherish, to our new home. Everything from the kitchen to bedrooms and study have been overhauled and culled.

We have sent my cherished settee (see Secrets trapped in a settee story) off to be reupholstered (there will be a new blog upon its return) and a few new items have been ordered for delivery to the new abode.

We have weeded, trimmed, mowed and over-hauled the garden. And, we have scrubbed, vacuumed, polished, primped and mopped inside and out to get the house looking in as pristine a condition as it can be (considering we are talking about an 1890s heritage cottage here people) for the lucky renters who are coming in to ‘care-take’ my home.

Rose Cottage holds many great memories for me. It is the first home I have ever owned and it was brought me to live in Tasmania. It was also the place I had my first ‘date’ with Mr Iced Vovo! My family, and many friends, have been here to visit me at ‘Rosie’ and signed my Guests book – a great present given to me by my sister.

I have tended her roses; (there is over 40 bushes!) planted new plants including my beloved fig and olive trees; rearranged garden beds; removed an old roof, wood shed, fences; rewired, painted and a whole lot more.  Most of all, I’ve loved this old house for the past eight years.

But now, it is time to move on and Mr Iced Vovo and I are thrilled to have purchased our first new home together. We were lucky to have found the perfect place pretty quickly after deciding to pull the plug on four years of battling to get our dream home built and finally pulling the plug on that venture.  A frustrating and heartbreaking experience but … it’s fate!

Now we are taking our time setting up the new abode just the way we want blending the old with the new so stay tuned for some sneak peaks of our new digs at Old Beach!

We’re looking forward to having more names added to the Guests book real soon!



3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Rosie!

    • Thanks Kristi! Yes, she was a lovely home but we’re loving the new one already! Both so different as you will soon see when I get pics of our new abode up!

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