A coffee a day…

I CAN”T survive without coffee……………………

No really, I can’t. Ask Mr Vovo. Whilst I don’t function in the morning at the best of times, I’m particularly disjointed, vague, ok even sometimes crabby and irritable (I can hear Mr Vovo nodding in the background) if I have not had my morning cuppa.

It was the first thing I needed to get each morning whilst we were travelling earlier this year. I don’t always need food as long as I can get a good cup of coffee. It helps me think rationally and function as a human being.

Mid-Century beauty – the Atomic coffee maker

In fact I have just brewed up a cup from my old Atomic machine and am happily sipping away whilst I write this post.

It is a combination of things: the selection of the beans (at present it is an organic fair trade blend I found in Woolworths), the ritual of making the coffee, listening to the sounds of it brewing and anticipating the explosion when ready! (That’s with the Atomic) I love the scent as it wafts from the kitchen drawing me in to heat up the milk under the whistling jet of steam and feeling it warm under my hand.

Then there’s the first sip and the feeling of pure joy and comfort you get knowing you can now face the day! May sound melodramatic to you but without it I’m like Jekyll and Hyde!

I used to drink a hell of a lot of coffee but have cut it back to one or two a day. (No sugar thanks.) As long as I get the first one in once I’m up and mobile I’m usually ok for the rest of the day. I am also one of the lucky people that can go out for dinner and have a macchiato afterwards with no fear of being kept awake by the caffeine. Coffee has never affected me in that way. I can sleep like a baby straight after a good strong caffeine fix.

My pet hate when ordering coffee out is it being weak or tepid. If I wanted warm, weak coffee I’d ask for it. I have got into the habit of asking for it “extra hot please” in the hope of it at least being drinkable. I really don’t mind if it is scorching and leaves the skin peeling off the roof of my mouth!

Italian style and functionality

Whilst I have two vintage coffee makers at present I am on the look out for another machine to add to the collection. I covet Kees Van der Westen’s range of exquisitely made machines (Mirage, Spirit and Speedster),  but I’m going to have to wait until the lotto balls line up to afford any of those little beauties. So, if any one can recommend a good affordable machine that is both beautifully stylish and makes a mean brew then please let me know.

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