Raked in by Roxburgh

Can’t help but love Cleaver…
Ok, after last week’s blog on Scandi Drama I thought I’d say something about the home-grown Aussie TV that I love and well Rake would have to be my pick.

What a fantastic character Roxburgh has created. Why is it that we love the naughty boys? Cleaver Greene is one of those characters that we love to hate, or is it that we hate that we love him? We all know at least one narcissistic, womanising, cad. Heck, you may even be one yourself! I’m not sure what it is, but what I am certain of is that I’m quick to the couch on a Thursday night waiting for my dose of him.

The plot is well crafted with subplots that draw out the characters, and I love the way the ensemble cast compliment Cleaver so well. All the characters are human, they are just like us (yep even Cleaver in someway), they make mistakes, they stuff up, they hurt one another but there is this underlying connectedness that keeps them going – I love that.

Take his family for instance – I love his dysfunctional family that still seems to function on some level.  The son, Fuzz (played by Keegan Joyce), who falls for older women (well that was until last week’s episode), the ex wife, Wendy (played by Caroline Brazier), who is a psychiatrist – oh the irony, oh the fun it produces, oh what great TV it makes! The rest of the core cast are superb and their characters equally dysfunctional and with special appearances by the cream of Australian film and TV (Jacqueline McKenzie, Toni Collette, Jack Thompson, Gary McDonald, Don Hany etc) it is a winning formula.

I also love the Sydney setting. Having moved from there to Tassie it gives me time to reminisce. My sister used to live in Kings Cross in the street where Cleavers flat is set and I’ve walked past those Court buildings and NSW Parliament a million times.

I hope we are going to see a few more seasons of this fantastic show from this stellar cast. You know where I’ll be tonight at 8.30!

Backed by a great support cast – pics courtesy of ABC website

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