Hooray for Scandi-Drama!

Look, I don’t mind settling back on the couch at night, putting the feet up and tuning into some TV to escape for an hour or two, but, the pickings seem to be getting slimmer all the time. Mr Iced Vovo and I have found that we are more often than not putting on a DVD of some TV series that we have either missed when first screened or have scouted out by browsing around our favoured DVD shop.

What we seem to be continually leaning towards of late is Scandi-Drama (that’s what I’m calling it – otherwise known as Nordic Noir). First, we fell in love with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film series (who doesn’t love a girl with a tat or two 😉 – and I’m talking about the originals here not the US version), next came The Killing (again the Danish version NOT the US series) and now there is The Bridge.

I was devastated to find out that there is only going to be one more series of The Killing (series three). Why people, why? This program is seriously good drama with seriously superb actors. Who doesn’t love Lund and her daggy jumpers?

The Bridge, well we have only seen the first episode (so don’t tell me what happens people) but so far we have been, yet again, gripped by an intriguing plot and fantastic characters.

What will come out next? Bring it on Scandinavia!!!

For all The Killing Fans, my sister (also a HUGE fan) sent me this link you might be interested in: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/9533226/Fans-of-The-Killing-can-now-knit-their-own-Sarah-Lund-jumper.html

I just need to find someone to knit it for me!

PS. If you love reading Scandi Crime Fiction then you may also be interested in another Larsson on the scene, Asa Larsson. She was recently out here for the Melbourne Writers Festival.

5 thoughts on “Hooray for Scandi-Drama!

  1. There’s also the fabulous Henning Mankell and his Wallander books – made into tele movies in the original Swedish, and also British versions staring Kenneth Branagh. Both brilliant.

  2. Yes, we have started Breaking Bad too (up to Season 2) so will be sure to blog about that soon and of course Dexter (waiting to see Season 7 before I comment). I bet you’ve already seen it so DON”T you say a word or I’ll have to get Dexter on to you!!!

    Will do a blog on my fav US TV series soon.

  3. You have to get on to Breaking Bad. Just finished Season 5. You’d love it!!
    Didn’t think much of the Hornet’s Nest movie in the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. I agree with you the US version is pretty average too.

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