So Little Time but so many goodies

Kirsty selling her delightful “wearables”

So Little Time Co. is making fun “wearables” that are bound to brighten up your day. These cute and colourful wooden pieces of wearable art are made with love by Kirsty and her husband Josh. Iced Vovo interviewed Kirsty to find out more about how So Little Time Co.packs so much into their day:

Q: How long has the So Little Time Co. been operational? Were you making ‘things’ prior to setting up the business?

A: So Little Time Co. started in November 2010 (hurrah for two years) and together with my husband, we make illustrated and hand-painted wearables, such as brooches, earrings and necklaces from laser cut and hand sanded wood. I have always made things since I was small, from cut and paste to illustration and all sorts of constructed bits and pieces, but never products to sell.

Q: Where did your interest in jewellery design really stem from?

A: In Grade 12 I did a project that was based on jewellery. It evolved from a project on the branding to a project on the making of jewellery and while I was spending time making different pieces I found a love for it.

It was all resurrected again in my first year in the real world as a graphic designer. After quickly realising that so much of the work I was doing was controlled by the client and not creativity, I soon found myself wanting to create on my terms rather than someone else’s. After a night of talking about what I could do with my husband, I spent hours writing down ideas, sketching, researching and working out what exactly it would be that would allow me to create something that would make me happy, and something that I could share with others. I had always loved jewellery, particular pieces which included wood and my ever supportive husband quickly went out and bought a jigsaw to try his hand at cutting the first piece ourselves.

After much testing we decided laser cutting was the best way for me to combine illustration, wood and wearables as I like to call them, and after receiving a small laser cut sample back, I soon realised how fun the process was.

I think there is this need in me to create with my hands rather than a computer, and to create for me rather than being controlled by a client. I get a lot of joy and satisfaction out of that and it’s probably where the whole thing started in the first place.

Q: Can you tell readers what you currently have in your range of “wearables”?

A: Currently we have earrings, brooches and necklaces. Most of our pieces are laser cut, and the photo lockets made from laser cut wood are our most popular item. Our brooches are cute animals, a lollipop, icypole and a penny farthing and our earrings are often smaller cuter versions. We also make beaded necklaces from hand sanded pieces of recycled wood.

Q: Where do you get your ideas from for the pieces?

A: I really feel like So Little Time Co. is an extension of my own creativity. I’m inspired by the amazing texture of wood, whimsical stories and fairytales and the colours that line the paint isle, among other real life things, such as my quirky pet bunny, Frankie, my collection of paper art and my blog. Sometimes the best ideas come from just doing.

Q: Do you do all the designs and crafting of each piece yourself (along with Josh)?

A: I do a lot of the process, but there are things I just couldn’t do without him. He glues, hammers, makes stands for market stalls and carts all sorts of things around for me. He even has been known to paint on occasion.

Q: What materials do you use?

A: I decided early on that I wanted to support local business with my own business and make sure that everything was sourced locally. That meant finding a local small laser cutter, sourcing the wood from a local supplier and even making sure I was supporting my local art store. I wanted to do my very best to support local business, even if the product wasn’t made locally. Each piece is cut from plywood or recycled wood, locally cut within the CBD, and each piece is hand painted, stitched and pieced together.

Q: Are you working on any new additions?

A: I’m always coming up with new ideas, and the latest was the beaded hand sanded necklaces. I’m working on some cute new animal brooches too, and hoping to bring them out before Christmas.

Q: What are your future goals for the business?

A: I write down goals for So Little Time Co. every year, and last year I achieved most of them, especially the one where we started making baby mobiles – that was fun! Short term, I’d say more markets, a long overdue website update and maybe a bit more of a branch out product wise.

With the business continuing to expand keep a look out for what they will come up with next. Follow the So Little Time Co. link to their Etsy shop.

All photos courtesy of So Little time Co.

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