I’m a happy Camper!

Ok, it’s confessional time and while I’m not Catholic (actually I’m not religious at all) there is something cathartic to be said about getting things off your chest!

Well, today I’m going to reveal a little secret (maybe not so secret to some), I love Campers! No not the four wheeled variety campervan type vehicles, nor the owners of those recreational vehicles or people who love nothing better than to pitch a tent and commune with nature for days or weeks on end (hey, I’ve done plenty of that myself!). No I’m talking shoes people, Camper shoes!

Firstly, let me dispel a few myths, despite what is falsely thought I don’t have wardrobes filled with row upon row or shoes but I do have a couple of rows (yes ok they are stacked a little high) of a smallish selection of quality and quirky shoes of which more than half would be from the Camper boots and shoes company that originated in Spain.

I just love the little blurb Camper has about their origins: “Visionaries and pioneers. A family business that set sail from the harbour of tradition in pursuit of a dream. Learning and sharing in order to change things. The passion and dedication of one man as the foundation of today’s success. These are the origins of Camper.”

Gee-whiz – reading that I feel I can go out and conquer the world and fulfil my dreams – as long as I have my Campers on! And while reality kicks in, the shoes may not quite help to transport me into another world, or answer all my prayers, they do often make me feel good! Superficial I hear you say, perhaps, but comfortable footwear can make a difference to ones health and well being just ask any podiatrist or chiropodist.

These shoes are seriously fun and seriously comfortable. I should know, as I own a little over a dozen pairs (but who’s counting?) from sandals, to shoes to their boots.

My latest acquistion (ok I can’t resist a bargain on eBay – see the I like to watch story) was the first purchase for quiet a while. (Mmm, now being forced to think about it I think my last Camper buy was a pair of ankle boots I got in the Winter sales last year at a boutique in Hobart. I have Campers on my search in eBay but tend to ogle rather than buy!)

I couldn’t resist this pair of “Twins” in a lovely smoky blue suede type leather with embroidery that is slightly different but complimentary on each shoe (thus the “Twin” label). With a sensible 4cm black heel these shoes have a delightful black nature pattern with beetles, butterflies etc, in a variety of colours, embroidered intermittently. They have a thin black leather strap across the foot that does up by slipping the catch over a small black “button”.

Stylish, practical and comfortable I know these shoes will get a lot of wear. They are going to be the perfect work shoe for sure (and perhaps a little play…).

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