Cinne’s scarves are silky beauties!

C. Banning Limited Edition Scarves is the creation of Cinne Worthington based in San Franscico, California. With an eye for design and sourcing the best of silk fabrics from around the world Cinne is making scarves that are not just beautiful and functional but that can also become a treasured collection.

Iced Vovo found out more:

Q: I read where you got into scarf making after an old silk skirt was wearing out and so to keep the fabric’s life going you tried making another wrap-around skirt first but then moved to scarves – what is it about scarf making that attracted you?

A: Yes, one day after my beloved Dries Van Noten silk skirt became threadbare I didn’t want to patch-up the old skirt so I transformed it in to a wrap around skirt. I had some success with these but found the fine silks were too delicate for a skirt so I began making scarves. The scarves started from a silk print collection that began back when I was living in Belgium where I did a lot of fine art painting involving the use of fabric prints.  I’ve made many wrap around skirts now as I love to wear them often as a layer over pants. 
I find scarves a smaller “canvas” to work on and easier accessory to work with.

Q: Do you think that being a trained graphic designer has helped and if so in what ways? It certainly seems you have an eye for good design 😉

A: Yes being a designer has helped me with color curating and knowing when something works. 

 In regard to sewing my first sewing assignment was a pair of bikini shorts for a beginner sewing class I took at the age of 12 in Honolulu where I was born and raised – so I’ve been dabbling with sewing for a long time now.

Q: I see a scarf as both a fashion statement as well as being really practical for keeping warm, protection and the like – what do you love about a scarf?

A: I think it adds “character” to a simple outfit, it can really add life to an outfit by bringing colour, texture, shape etc. First are my signature silk oblong scarves which all mix two different prints together.  Then there are my silk triangle scarves which are made in carefully curated premium and chiffon silk prints, all with an accenting signature trim. My customers seem to love both shapes in the scarves. However, I can say that my younger customer (20 and under) seem to prefer my oblongs.

Q: What has most influenced your designs?

A: Everything from trends, to what is in bloom, to an old print I found at the bottom of my drawer that mixes beautifully with a newly acquired print.

Q: Your fabrics and patterns are delightful – without giving away all your secrets where do you source your fabrics and what do you look for? What makes a good fabric?

A: I source everywhere 🙂 I often find amazing prints but I won’t use them if the quality and feel of the silk does not appeal to me.
 I collect silks mostly from Europe and Japan and silk prints from Liberty of London’s Art Fabric collection.

Q: Is having a limited edition for each scarf due to fabric availability, to make them a little more special, a combination of both or something else?

A: I buy small yardage which allows me to acquire many different prints, this way my customers have more variety to pick from and have a unique look.

Q: What is currently your most favourite scarf and why?

A: Anything Liberty …my most favorite to create are the oblongs.

Q: Is your Etsy shop the only place people can purchase your scarves or where else do you stock? I sell them through my Etsy store and various private “trunk” shows

Scarf made in Liberty's Single Rose floral silk in ocean, pool and purple with graphite grey trim
Scarf made in Liberty’s Single Rose floral silk in ocean, pool and purple with graphite grey trim


Beautiful Liberty
Beautiful Liberty Chiffon


Liberty Botanical Bloom
Liberty Botanical Bloom


Double-sided Oblong Scarf
Double-sided Oblong Scarf


Going Dotty Oblong Scarf
Going Dotty Oblong Scarf


Boho glam scarf made in a Liberty's chandelier crystal print mixed with a manipulated rose - silk oblong scarf.
Boho glam scarf made in a Liberty’s chandelier crystal print mixed with a manipulated rose – silk oblong scarf.


Colours and designs to suit all.
Colours and designs to suit all.


Florals and Plaids - Mixed doubles special savings on these two oblong scarves.
Florals and Plaids – Mixed doubles special savings on these two oblong scarves.

Pop along to Cinne’s Etsy Store and take a look at Cinne’s delightful scarves that are a perfect Christmas gift idea – or for your own special treat!

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