Mum says that from an early age I knew what I liked in the way of clothes and there wasn’t anything she could do to change my mind. She loves telling stories of how I refused to leave the house unless I was allowed to wear what I wanted, or of how my sister and I would love to lose ourselves amongst the clothes racks when we were small letting the fabrics flow over us in a kind of unintentional game of hide and seek.

Hot pants – the height of fashion!

In particular she loves re-telling the story of my purple hot pants (yep that’s them in the picture). I was apparently in love with these hot pants and with the colour purple (still a favourite – purple that is (and the film), not hot pants!)

When I got to my teens I became enamored with the 60s and all things Beatnik and Mod and would even dress as Mod as I could to school making sure that my shirt was buttoned up and my hair was bobbed.

Of course music influenced my style too: The Birthday Party, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure, Joy Division, numerous Ska Bands, reggae, Jazz, Swing, Opera, country and the classics were some of the eclectic sounds reverberating from our home and inevitably made a mark on what my sister and I wore.  Some days we would scare our mother witless emerging from our rooms with hair teased Robert Smith style or eyes like pandas heading off to some gig in the city looking more like the morning after than the night before. Her favourite phrase was (still is): “That’s interesting dear.” (And I haven’t quite figured out if it was/is a put down or genuine interest.)

Well my hair may still be bobbed (a default style I seem to have) but my taste in fashion has adapted. Like most of us, I don’t follow a certain trend, I don’t buy fashion magazines, I now limit my eye-liner use to evenings out (mostly), but I do love to window shop and I do love to find fashion that is different, unusual, intriguing. While I still love the 60s aesthetic I have also found wonderful contemporary designers who twist things up and play with fabrics and cuts and colours.  I love being able to mix a special piece with clothes from my staple stores.

We all like to dress up and walk out of the house feeling good about ourselves, and whilst we may not all be able to wear a potato sack and still look good – who cares! Fashion to me is about experimentation. It is about taking a risk from time to time, it is about feeling comfortable, it is about figuring out what works for your shape, what colours are right for your complexion and mixing and matching. Fashion should be fun…

Thanks goodness also for Etsy, where you can get retro to cutting edge fashion, and other online outlets that can bring a whole world of talent and fashion difference right to you at home. I hope to feature as many of my fashion finds as possible on the blog through feature articles, pictures of new acquisitions and interviews with the designers themselves.

P.S. I’m still trying to find a colour photo of these ‘adorable’ hot pants – but I fear they have suffered the same fate as the maxi-dress (see Film page) stuck permanently in my Mums plastic not-so-fantastic photo album!