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OldAndCold is a wonderful shop specialising in Mid-century modern classics mainly from Denmark and a selection of handmade book hangers, coat racks and the like designed by Agusta and Gustav.

Having recently moved from Denmark to Italy, OldAndCold are still in the throes of settling in to their new abode but are looking forward to bringing more selectively sourced classics, along with their own great modern designs to their store.

A fan of their shop Iced Vovo found out more:

Q: Your Etsy shop is a wonderful mix of gorgeous vintage and retro Scandinavian delights from furniture to lamps, kitchen items, cushions and more…How did you come about opening OldAndCold?

A: OldAndCold is actually something that came to life when I got pregnant with our daughter. We needed something to do on the weekends now that we wouldn’t be going out as much so we started going to flea-markets and completely fell in love with all the beautiful vintage items available. We are both gatherers at heart and find it difficult to leave items we fall in love with behind. So we bought them and figured we could definitely find homes for the items we wouldn’t fit into our own home. And then one thing lead to another and it became a whole business!

Q: The name is intriguing too can you tell us a little about how you came up with it?

A: Well…it was just something that came to mind. As all these items we found at the markets were old and cold and seeking the warmth of new owners that would care for them we thought it would be a fitting name. We also thought it would be a little funny as it is two of us running the business and people could associate it with us as well. One of us being old and the other one cold 😉

Q: Modern mid-century is very on-trend (probably because it is so often classic in its design lines) but what is it about this period that you think makes it so sought after?

A: Mid-century modern items have a very minimalistic design and can fit in almost any home. As you say, these have become classics and having just one Mid-century modern piece in your home can change the whole vibe to the room. We feel that most items from this era compliment almost any space they’re put into.

Q: What is the most popular product people buy and/or request?

A: Apart from our handmade items I would say that the PH4/3 lamp in orange would probably be our best seller.

Q: What is the most special or unique product you have sourced?

A: Most of the items we buy we buy because these are items we could see ourselves owning. That is really our work ethic, never buy anything you don’t want to own yourself. So all the items we source are a little precious to us, however I think that the most unique product we have sourced must have be a aluminum and yellow three scone wall-lamp from the Danish producer LYFA. It can be seen in some of our other product photographs. We’ve had several requests on this lamp but just can’t get ourselves to sell it yet.

Q: What item do you have in stock right now that you secretly wish no one would buy because you adore it yourself? 😉

A: We actually just recently sold one that I would have LOVED to keep for myself a 1950s Vintage Danish Navy Pendant. Søværnspendel. Nordisk solar company. But the buyer was a regular that we have gotten to know quite well so I am happy it found a good home 🙂

But for in stock items that we have at the moment, I am deeply fascinated with this pair of 1960s Jo Hammerborg’s Trombone lamps. The pictures don’t do them half the justice (and maybe I haven’t rushed to take new ones cause I like them so much…;)

Q: Do you mainly source your products from Denmark?

A: Yes we do. We lived in Denmark for 10 years (we’re both from Iceland) but have just recently relocated to Italy! We still have our contacts in Denmark so we will continue offering fantastic Scandinavian designs but we are looking to widen our horizon with some Italian treasures as well!

Q: You’ve also branched out into producing your own range of wonderful hanging book racks. What prompted this?

A: My husband is a furniture maker and ever since we met we’ve been throwing ideas around. Our homes have been pretty much custom made to fit our needs and the book racks were just one of the products that came out of this. We have lots of things coming up in the nearest future as our move to Italy was intended to help us focus on our company and getting more products out there.

Orange Danish designer Poul Henningsen PH 4/3 pendant 1966. Gradient lighting.
Orange Danish designer Poul Henningsen PH 4/3 pendant 1966. Gradient lighting.
1950s Vintage Danish Navy Pendant. Søværnspendel. Nordisk solar company.
1950s Vintage Danish Navy Pendant. Søværnspendel. Nordisk solar company.
Jo Hammerborg's Trombone Lamps
Jo Hammerborg’s Trombone Lamps
Custom made Book Rack in Wenge
Custom made Book Rack in Wenge
Floating nightstand in Oak
Floating nightstand in Oak
Simple, yet stylish custom made coat rack
Simple, yet stylish custom made coat rack

Q: What inspired the design of the book racks – they are most unusual and unique and a great display idea to boot?

A: Well…we had just moved into a new home in Denmark and needed a shelving system. So we started out by making the coat rack. Our main criteria regarding the coat rack was that we wanted the pins to be detached so that we could move them around and arrange them as we best saw fit. In that creation we started playing around with the pins and somewhere in the process the floodgates opened and out came the book racks.

Q: You’re based in Copenhagen but where has been the furtherest you’ve sent something from your shop?

A: Hmmm…we’ve pretty much sent all over the world. Most of our customers are based in the US but we’ve also sent to Japan, Australia, South-America and South-Africa apart from all over Europe.

If you’d like to find out more about Augusta and Gustav’s move from Denmark to Italy then have a look at their blog at www.agustav.com/moments  You can also find the link to their shop OldAndCold here and on the Fab-Finds Page.

I wish them all the best in settling in to their new surrounds and can’t wait to see what more marvelous things they will find.

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