Mad-Shoppers let yourself loose on the World! (All in the name of research of course)

Help me start an Iced Vovo Fab-finds Directory.

The aim of this directory is to compile a list of our favourite finds that we put together and then periodically vote upon. (We have standards to uphold you know!)

It doesn’t matter where it is – Australia, Tibet, Mars…we like to travel!

If a store/service/product passes our stringent discerning customer approval testing then it will go on the Directory to share.

So let’s get the ball rolling…

We need a few details people:
Name and address (where applicable) of shop, product, business, etc (essentially, where are we going to visit, shop, buy?)

If for example it’s a fashion shop –

  • Was the customer service good? (were the attendants too gushy, did they avoid you like the plague or were they like the three little bears and “just right”?)
  • What were the fittings rooms like (like a dogs breakfast, tidy, well lit, plenty of hanging knobs)?
  • Was there a good range of products and pricing to suit? (Are we going to get value for money? That doesn’t mean cheap and nasty but we don’t want to spend a lot all of the time. We all like a bargain don’t we?)
  • Did they roll the product up into a ball and throw it into the bag or was your new acquisition folded like origami and placed lovingly into the bag, perhaps with a little bit of tissue paper neatly wrapped around it?

If a product –

  • Is the quality always consistent?
  • It is value for money?
  • Can it be used in a variety of ways? (that should get your imaginations going!!)

If a café/restaurant –

  • What’s the ambience like (stark and sterile, dimly lit and moody, or decked out with an amazing mirror ball)? (We need different places for different occasions you know!)
  • How is it acoustically (Do you have to learn sign language before-hand or might we come out with a migraine and needing a good lie down)?
  • Is there plenty of variety (hey we’re not all the same, some of us don’t partake in meat, eggs, lactose, wheat, green coloured vegetables…) or are they at least accommodating with customer requests (or are you scoffed at, ridiculed or put on a banned from this restaurant backboard because you asked for soya milk)?

What is special, different, exciting etc about this good/place/service?

You know what we are after… sharing all that is sweet and unique in life!

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