Feminine characters the inspiration for one designer

Rabia Lockwood is a Sydney Designer who has created a wonderful label, Ginny and Jude Designs, mixing nostalgia with a modern aesthetic to create a delightful range of clothing, headpieces, jewellery and other accessories. The emphasis is definitely on timeless statement pieces for the modern gal who likes something a little unique.

Iced Vovo caught up with Rabia to find out more about Ginny and Jude Designs:

Q: I read your store is based on two fictional characters – were they your imaginary friends as a kid or what inspired the name?

A: Ginny & Jude are two women who I imagined as personifying two different types of femininity. Ginny is light-hearted, coquettish and Jude is more practical and serious. And although it’s not a conscious part of my designing, everything I create is either for a Ginny or a Jude!

Q: How long has Ginny & Jude been going and what got your interested in getting into fashion as a career?

A: I started Ginny & Jude in 2008 when I was going through a bit of a career change. I had been working as an online content editor and one morning I decided I really needed to get out of that rut and try something else. I had previously worked for fashion jewellery designer Victoria Spring and her then head designer Raphael Mhashilkar (www.etsy.com/shop/mhashilkar) had taught me the basics of making jewellery. I had since been making little things for years as a hobby until my friend Brooke who runs the Finders Keepers markets suggested I have a stall at their very first market in Carriageworks in late 2008. I made a very small range of bird headpieces and jewellery and I sold out of most things on the first night – so I thought I must have been doing something right!

Q: You have a wonderful range of products from clothes to jewellery and hats – are they all your own designs or do you collaborate with other designers?

A: Everything is designed by me, I haven’t had the chance to collaborate with other designers as yet.

Q: What do you like designing the most – clothes, hats, jewellery?

A: Headpieces are the most fun because they’re the most hands on. From the restored antique feathered pieces to the vintage millinery bloom combs these allow for me to let my imagination take over and mix colour and texture in a variety of ways. These are also mostly one-offs so there’s that element of difference and new-ness with each piece.

Q: You have a vintage starlet kind of look to your products with the emphasis very much on mixing vintage with new is this the secret to creating the beautiful old-world feel your products have?

A: In my accessories I use a lot of restored vintage and antique materials, so straight away there is a link to a different time. I think more than anything else there is a timelessness to the quality of these vintage materials which lends a certain gravitas to the pieces they’re used in. The clothing is based around my preference for emphasising a feminine shape and interesting textures and colours; everything is high waisted and there’s a lot of emphasis on elegant details like buttons and trim.

Q: Is there anything that you would like to design/make that you haven’t already?

A: I had always said I wanted to do a range of clothes which I’ve now done! I have also always wanted to design knitwear, but I have to reign myself in a little bit because I do end up having my fingers in an awful lot of pies!

Q: Where do you source your materials and what do you most like working with?

A: I source my materials from all over the world. At the moment I am really loving working with the vintage floral millinery trim made in USSR occupied Germany in the 1940s. The colours, shapes and quality is really outstanding. I loved making little floral arrangements and wiring them all together for combs and brooches.

Q: What is your most favourite piece in your own wardrobe and why?

A: Oooh, that’s hard. My all time favourite piece I think would have to be this really early Marc Jacobs halter neck dress I bought years ago. It’s made from heavy duty printed cotton, and the cut and drape of the full skirt and fitted bodice are perfect. It even has hidden pockets! My favourite Ginny & Jude pieces are the swing coat from last winter which I have worn with absolutely everything and always looks perfectly stylish. And more recently the peplum blouse from this summer. I have worn one of those blouses almost every day – light, cool and such a great shape.

Q: What can customers expect from G&J in 2013?

A: Longer lengths, tweed and leather, colours from the depths of the forest and snowflake jewellery.

Q: Is Etsy currently the only place for people to buy our range?
I have stockists in most states, www.ginnyandjude.com/s-t-o-c-k-i-s-t-s.html
 But the most up to date and comprehensive range is available on Etsy.

Pina Colada Woven Straw Hat
Pina Colada Woven Straw Hat


"The Gardener Sits Still" floral hair comb
“The Gardener Sits Still” floral hair comb


"Bright-lit Skies" comb in Noir
“Bright-lit Skies” comb in Noir


Turquoise Bow Earrings
Turquoise Bow Earrings


Labradorite with red silk - Charleston Necklace
Labradorite with red silk – Charleston Necklace


Garden Party Brooch
Garden Party Brooch


Peplum Blouse
Peplum Blouse


Miss Beaton "Takes a walk" pencil skirt
Miss Beaton “Takes a walk” pencil skirt


Ballet Tee - Lime
Ballet Tee – Lime


Cream puff skirt in grey floral
Cream puff skirt in grey floral

Follow the links above or head to Iced Vovo’s Fab-Finds Page to follow the links to Ginny and Jude Designs to take a look at some more of Rabia’s lovely creations.

(Ps Thanks to Ginny & Jude for the photos: Photography: All photos copyright Lyndal Irons, Hair and Makeup: Tania Bowers, Model: Gabrielle Dillon, Styling: Rabia Lockwood, Shot on location at Girrahween Park, Earlwood, Girrahween is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of flowers’.)

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