Big vision from a Petite fashion designer

Mien Moir (Mee-en Mwah) is the fashion label of Steph who is putting the focus on producing stylish garments for petite sized ladies. Based in Brisbane, Queensland Mien Moir is all about transeasonal dressing for the busy lady of today with garments being able to move from day to night and from season to season.

Iced Vovo spoke with Steph about her “pint sized” clothes that pack a punch!:

Q: How long have you been designing and making fashion?

A: I started to learn how to sew back in 2008 when I was studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries at University. Ever since then I’ve constantly been designing, creating patterns and sewing as part of my day job as a Dressmaker for a local boutique, and for my Etsy shop.

Freshness of Summer
Freshness of Summer

Q: Mien Moir is all about Petite Fashion, how did the label come about and what inspired you to focus on Petites, was it a lack of petite options in the market?

A: My niche market for Petites came about as I myself am a Petite-ian of 5’3” and I was struggling to find stylish clothing that fit me immediately upon purchase. Part of the reason I started sewing lessons was to learn how to hem or alter clothing that was too long for me, but even then the fit just wasn’t quite right. I also noticed that a lot of the Petite ranges out in the shops didn’t suit my unique taste in fashion.

Golden peplum top
Golden peplum top

Q: What do you currently have in your range?

A: My range is specifically designed for trans-seasonal tops, dresses and skirts that can be taken from summer, through to winter with the addition of layers. I also like to offer customers the ability to wear garments for any occasion such as work, dinners or parties by changing up the styling and accessories.

Day to night wear
Day to night wear

Q: You have items ready to go but customers can also provide you with their measurements for made-to-measure garments?

A: At the moment, Mien Moir offers ready-to-wear only with the garments all pre-created for a speedy transaction. Due to a full-time day job I decided to create garments before hand so I was never caught short of time, I’d hate to leave a customer waiting!

Q: Are there any plans for further expansion of your range, and if so what are you thinking of adding?

A: I do hope to expand in 2013 with the addition of higher quantities of garments. As I have now cut down to part-time work this year it will allow me to produce more garments.

Colourful fabrics for all occasions
Colourful fabrics for all occasions

Q: Do you have any help with making the garments or is all the work done by you?

A: All the work is done by me, from the designing, to picking out fabric, to sewing and finally putting everything up online. I’m very particular about how I want everything done so it would be very hard for me to allow someone else in! Although my poor sister and Mum bare the brunt of me trying everything on them for fitting purposes.

Q: Where do you source your fabrics?

A: Most of my fabrics are sourced from my local Spotlight stores. I live right in the middle of 3 of them so I’m constantly visiting them at least once a week for new fabrics and trims. There are also a few other beautiful little stores around my area with very unique and inspiring fabrics.

Popular Shift with ruffles
Popular Shift with ruffles

Q: What do you most like to make and why?

A: My favourite staple item to make and also my most popular item is my shift dresses. The offer a relaxed fit but with style additions of ruffles, sleeves or pleats to make each one unique. I have a lot of customers commenting on how much wear they get out of them by taking them from work to social engagements.

Tweed Shift Dress
Tweed Shift Dress

Q: What is your favourite piece in your collection?

A: My favourite piece in my collection at the moment would have to be the Tweed Pullover Shift Dress with Button Detail. I love the purple colour, the texture of the fabric and the little vintage buttons I found in my Grandma’s button collection. It’s a very cute item especially for Autumn/Winter seasons.

A sentimental favourite
A sentimental favourite

Q: What is your most treasured garment in your own wardrobe?

A: My most treasured item in my wardobe is the first dress I made at my sewing school to wear to my University graduation. While it’s not perfect, it’s very treasured because I remember racing home to take photos of and show everyone what I had achieved. I was so proud of it and ever since them I have loved sewing!

Q: Is your Etsy shop the only place people can buy your garments?

A: At present Etsy is the only place I sell my garments, but I would dearly love to take my range out into the local Markets or boutiques so that customers can touch and try the garments on first hand. I find people tend to love my garments even more when they finally get to see them in person. So venturing out into brick and mortor stores is definitely something on my ‘to-do-list’.

Q: What plans do you have for Mien Moir in 2013?

A: Aside from creating more quantities of items, I am also planning a more up-market range for cocktail dresses. This will also be ‘Made-to-Order’ so customers can pick out their size and I create the garments afterwards. There will only be a limited number of these garments available to keep a sense of indiviuality. But by offering ‘Made-to-Order’ items, customers can pick out something just for their size instead of loosing hope when their size has sold out. This range is in the works now and I hope to release in the coming months so stay tuned!

Here are some of Mien Moir’s new Autumn range that you can find at the Etsy shop now.

I have Mien Moir added to my favourites in Etsy – being a little on the “vertically challenged” size myself I know that I’ll be checking back on a regular basis to see what staples I can add to my wardrobe. I also love the way Steph styles each garment with a full range of accessories – what a wonderful way of providing customers with an overall vision of how the garment can be worn.

Follow the link here to Mien Moir on Etsy or find the links on the Fab-Finds Page.

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