Cute curios to Cat-ch your eye!

Cat Trilling is a wonderfully nostalgic collection of goodies carefully sourced and produced by Anthea MaConachy in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Delightful vintage papers and prints are the foundation behind Anthea’s treasures along with her own crotchet items as well.

Iced Vovo spoke with Anthea about all things Cat Trilling:

Q: Cat Trilling is an intriguing name for your shop, what’s the story behind the name?
A: I wanted the name of my etsy shop to be different, and I also love cats. One of my cats is a bit crazy and has a great personality. When he is really happy he actually makes a noise that’s beyond purring-he trills! Thus the name of my etsy shop came to me – Cat Trilling.

Q: Your Etsy shop is a wonderful mix of handmade items including crocheted pins and notebooks to handmade paper tags, notecards and even confetti – how did your product range come about?
A: I love working with paper (I taught scrapbooking and wrote articles for card making magazines), and I love collecting vintage bits and pieces. I took my time thinking about what I could make to sell online using the things I like.

Q: Did you teach yourself to crochet or was this a skill learnt from your mother/grandmother and what do you like most about this medium?
A: My grandma taught me to crochet when I was little. I love how easy it is to create something just a hook and thread.

Q: Without giving away all your secrets, where do you source most of your vintage graphics and what do you look for in particular?
A: I am always on the look-out for second-hand treasures. I look for colour and design when choosing what to create for my shop, because it has to fit the Cat Trilling look, which is hard to describe but experience has taught me what will be suitable.

Q: I love the vintage dress tags/book marks – it’s wonderful that these graphics are still around but are you finding it harder to track down good vintage designs?
A: I use all authentic original materials to create my items. This means that I can never guarantee what items I will be able to make at any given time. Therefore, if you see something you like snap it up because I never know when it will be available again!

Q: What’s your favourite item?
A: I don’t have any favourites, they are all uniquely special 🙂

Q: What’s currently trending as the most popular item?
A: It changes all the time, I can never predict what items will sell better than others, which is why I try to maintain a decent variety of different items.

Q: Are you thinking of adding anything else to the collection?
A: I’m really fussy about what I put in my Etsy shop, it has to fit the Cat Trilling look. The great thing about Etsy is that my shop is all down to me. If I change my mind I can change something, and I’m always thinking of possible items to add to my shop.

Crotchet Pin
Crotchet Pin

Crotcheted Notebook with Vintage Cover
Crotcheted Notebook with Vintage Cover

Authentic Vintage Retro Dress Pattern Gift Tags with Twine
Authentic Vintage Retro Dress Pattern Gift Tags with Twine

Vintage Floral Upcycled Notecards - set of six
Vintage Floral Upcycled Notecards – set of six

8 Recycled Atlas Envelopes
8 Recycled Atlas Envelopes

Pride and Prejudice 500 Heart Shaped Wedding Confetti
Pride and Prejudice 500 Heart Shaped Wedding Confetti

Currently Etsy is the only place you will find Cat Trilling products so be sure to pop along and take a peek.

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