A Kidd at heart!

Emma Kidd’s creations will take you to imaginary lands where monsters, beasts and sea creatures roam free. Emma, an artist, illustrator, photographer and printmaker, has combined her skills together in benconservato her shop of fantastical delights on Etsy. Full of marvelous original watercolours, cards, hinged beasts, wooden nesting dolls and more, Iced Vovo contacted Emma to find out more about these colourful characters:

Q: What inspired you to start creating these wonderful creatures?
A: No idea how I got to monsters and strange disproportioned creatures. Just happened. Wasn’t really a drawer before, so drawing perfectly isn’t my thing (although I admire those that do greatly). I am very drawn to outsider art and art brut.

Q: I read on your site where you “especially like the sea” – what draws you to the ocean?
A: I guess, being born in Sydney where the main part of the city functions around the bay, living near the ocean, it is just a part of me.

Q: You have a range of skills, is there one area in particular medium that you like working in most?
A: I like the process of the spontaneous monoprint. Drawing on the back of a page or piece of paper, without any plan and seeing what I have created in the end can be fabulous and sometimes disappointing. But I love to do it.

Q: Is your market aimed at children or do you find these creatures appeal to everyone?
A: It is terrible to say, but I don’t have a plan as to who my work is aimed at. I just do it, and I am always surprised at the range of people it appeals to.

Q: What’s currently the most popular item?
A: The most popular item could either be my articulated Cockatoo Papageno or one of the horses I have fallen into making.

Q: Are you working on new products for the shop?
A: I have thoughts in my head about new pieces. I keep walking past my desk with all the paper and paint on it and have new thoughts if new things. I am a bit of a thinker at first.
I also have a very active 7 month old baby with me all day at the moment, so sometimes that doesn’t make a very productive day, especially when he wants me to hold him standing up most of the day.

Q: I read where you also studied textiles and design – have you thought about adding a range of clothing or t-shirts to your collection? Or what kind of textiles and design do you like working with?
A: I did have a series of monster cuddlies, and have been asked constantly by some to make t-shirts. I have made a couple of one off t-shirts, all hand sewn monster and all that. It is time consuming, and people aren’t always willing to spend $80 odd on a shirt.

Q: Are your good only available through Etsy?
A: No, I sell in a few bricks a mortar stores in Sydney and Melbourne and a few elsewhere. I exhibit and sometimes do big markets. I try to keep it simple. I like Pop Up stores at the moment.

Ziggy the Zebra
Ziggy the Zebra
Seascapes 5 pieces fish nesting doll set
Seascapes 5 pieces fish nesting doll set
Cloak and dagger monoprint
Cloak and dagger monoprint
Leaping Wolf with Houses
Leaping Wolf with Houses
From the Deep - limited edition gocco card
From the Deep – limited edition gocco card

To find out more about Emma and view more of her delightful creature creations follow the link to her shop benconservato on Etsy.

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